indoor fireworks

Spectrum Fireworks have performed many indoor fireworks displays and special effects.

Indoor or close proximity fireworks are specially-designed pyrotechnic effects which can be used in very specific situations, either indoors or on a building. Because of the close proximity of persons or structures, this technique requires very special expertise.

These products are ideal for rooftop, stadium and city centre displays being visually dramatic but extremely safe as it produces minimal debris.

Add that extra WOW! factor to your next corporate event.

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Selected indoor credits...

  • Brisbane Convention Centre
  • Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • Gold Coast Convention Centre
  • Glengariff Historic Estate Winery
  • Jupiters Casino
  • Marriott Hotel
  • Morgans Sunset Blue Function Centre
  • AC/DC Concert Tour
  • Big Day Out (Limp Bizket)
  • The Lyric Theatre
  • "The Hobbit"
  • Stefans Awards
  • Brisbane Lions AFL
  • World Rally Championships (WRC)
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