...The thoroughness in planning and preparation... your vigilance on safety issue's ensured that the more than 80,000 precinct visitors enjoyed and applauded... (Surfers Paradise Alliance, New Years Eve)

Spectrum Fireworks is known by council and authorities as one of the safest pyrotechnicians working. This is one of the reasons why we were chosen to manage the Surfers Paradise National Fireworks Championships on the Gold Coast which is an annual event held in June since 2001.

We are responsible for the safety of spectators and surrounding property. All equipment used in our displays has been tested and designed to meet the Australian Standards for outdoor pyrotechnic displays. We follow all regulations in regards to safety distances between crowds and buildings.

Crowd control is not a problem with Spectrum Fireworks as we supply and erect our own barriers and signage. The barriers are manned by our staff who are easily recognisable in their uniforms.

It is a requirement that a 'letterbox drop' be performed to inform surrounding residents or businesses that there will be an upcoming firework display. To assist with this requirement, we are able to provide you with a master copy of the leaflet showing details of time, location and noting that the display is approved and licensed. The wording also includes a reminder to pet owners regarding their pets safety and comfort during the display.

If required, we can supply two-way radios for easy communication between event organisers and Spectrum Fireworks.

At the conclusion of the display we conduct a thorough search of the surrounding areas. We also remove all associated materials.

We notify all relevant authorities including:

  • Department of Mines & Energy
  • Local Police Station
  • Local Fire Station
  • Local Shire Council (if necessary)
  • CASA / Air Traffic Control (if display is within 5.6km of an aerodrome, could attain heights greater than 122m, or where the display of lights could endanger the safety of aircraft)

If the display is on or near water, the following authorities may also be notified:

  • Port Authority
  • Coast Guard
  • Air Sea Rescue
  • Queensland Transport
  • Air Sea Rescue & Water Police

Spectrum Fireworks store our firework products at the Government Explosives Reserve at Helidon.

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