faq's for outdoor cinema


What size is the outdoor movie screen?

Our outdoor movie screen measures 8m wide x 4.5m high. The bottom of the screen is at 2m above the ground. Total height is 6.5m high.

Dimensions of outdoor movie screen


Can it be used in the daytime?

Just like a drive-in, it can't be used during the day as there is too much ambient light for the projection to show.

If you need a daylight screen, have a look at large LCD/LED screens.


What is the "seating" capacity?

Our outdoor movie setup can accomodate around 1,500 people comfortably.


What sort of things can I show on the screen?


For example:

  • DVD movies (licensing required)
  • Advertising slideshow
  • Home movies
  • Student productions
  • Short film festivals
  • Live action (eg: from a stage)
  • Games Console (eg: PlayStation, Wii)
  • Television broadcasts (eg: State of Origin)


How much does it cost to licence a movie?

Movie licensing fees vary according to location, estimated crowd numbers, etc. Fees are usually in the ballpark of $600-$700, however school groups generally have a lower price.


Who do you recommend for our movie choices and licensing needs?

We use Roadshow Public Performance Licensing for our licensing requirements.

You can contact John Anderson from Roadshow Public Performance Licensing on phone 07) 3343 9361 or by email at John_Anderson@roadshow.com.au.

Alternatively, you can contact Amalgamated Movies -
Phone:? (07) 4787 1086
Fax:? ????(07) 4787 1157
Email: ?qld@amalgamatedmovies.com

Roadshow contact page:

Amalgamated contact page:


What would I use it for?

Some of the great events we use our big-screen outdoor cinema setup for are:

  • Movies in the Park
  • Movies under the Stars
  • Movies by the Lake
  • Movies on the Beach
  • Outdoor Cinema by the Sea
  • Cinema under the Stars
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